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With voice and video calls, you can talk with your friends and family for free

Simple, Reliable Messaging

With voice and video calls, you can talk with your friends and family for free.

Audio and HD Video Calling

Make Real-time Conversations
Anytime, Anywhere

Screen sharing

Enjoy video-First meetings with
integrated voice, video
and screen sharing.

Smart Messaging

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With voice and video calls, you can talk with your friends and family for free

You can message and calls friends and family, so you don’t have to pay
for every message or call. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection
and your good to go.Make free international calls, send text messages,
open a group chat, and so much more!

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Send receive messages across web mobile apps with an integration of custom
messaging API equipped with rich features.

Live Subtitle

Subtitles are a text translation of your videos dialogue into another language. Overlaid onto your video much like captions subtitles are the simplest and most eFicient way to share your content in any language. With live subtitles, your videos are translated live and in real time.

Video Call

Make peer-to-peer HD video call on any platform on the go to enhance real-time conversation scale up production.Organize group or conference video call up to more than 5 users with crystal clear quality to get things done in real-time.


Record, store and retrieve the recorded calls of your customer calls, client calls valuable calls to simplify trackings with FlapChat cloud recorder.

Call Recording

Make clear voice calls instantly from one to million users regardless of web mobile applications in real-time.Make conference or carrier calls to multiple users beyond the geographical area from your voice calling app or desktop.

Powering collabration and productivity

Empowers users accessibility to tailor profile and take control of the user base, profIle images, activity log etc. The “Tap to transfer” translate the entire conversation up to 100 languages within the chat screen in real-time.

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