Live chat is undoubtedly an untapped potential to grow your business. A live chat feature on your website can drive numerous benefits towards your business. However, you need to use the live chat software wisely to enjoy those benefits. Here are the best strategies that can profit your business through live chat:

Drop a chat invitation at the right time:

Initiating a chat with a visitor randomly is not a good idea as it may be annoying. Not all visitors are there on your site to make a purchase. Some compare items while having difficulty in making a buying decision, while others are just idly browsing. Instead of dropping a random chat invitation, you can make use of the tracking features offered by live chat software to target the right visitors, especially those on pages where you’ve displayed your CTAs.

Personalized chats:

As a matter of fact, people prefer interacting with real humans over the chatbots. Training your agents to address your visitors personally can help with this. Also, you can make your chat agents put up a small thumbnail in the chat screen somewhere so that people can see who they’re talking to. Addressing the visitors by their names increases their chances of responding to the chat invitations positively.

Customize the chat window:

There are several live chat software that enables you to make the chat window a part of your website. You can leverage this feature to customize each part of the chat window and make it work with the rest of your website’s design.

Offer valuable suggestions:

Live chat software these days, offer intelligent analytics which can be leveraged to gather information such as which pages customers are visiting, how long they’re staying on that page, and more. This information can then be used to provide valuable services and suggestions. This opportunity may even be leveraged for upselling purposes.

Redirect visitors to the desired pages:

There may be instances where the visitors may not know where to go on a website. This is when the chat agents can make things easy for them by sending the links which redirect them to the desired web pages.

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